MADE IN MEXICO: Pascal Aubois and Ernesto Sanchez Proal

According to former Jalisco Government Minister and President and CEO of Seerauber Automotive, Ernesto Sanchez Proal, “Mexico is perfectly positioned for a manufacturing boom and needs to seize the day and capitalize on this perfect storm of opportunity.”

Ernesto joins GDL Circuits (part of ALL Circuits) plant manager Pascal Aubois and host Philip Stoten in episode 4 of MADE IN MEXICO to explore the challenges and opportunities for the region in a post pandemic world, where not everyone wants to manufacture in Asia and supply chains are under stress for numerous reasons. Is Mexico the right answer for the USA and does proximity combined with a well trained, readily available and relatively low cost labor force make it the ideal place for volume manufacturing and the ideal “plus one” in a “China plus one” sourcing strategy? Watch and listen as the panelists dig into the key issues and provide insight from their own experience.

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