MacroFab Announces New Product Offering to Provide Even More Custom Options to Customers

The Company now offers custom PCBs for flexibility, rapid iteration and cost-effectiveness
HOUSTON – MacroFab Inc., the operator of North America’s largest technology platform for electronics manufacturing, has announced today that it is now offering custom PCBs.  This exciting addition empowers electrical engineers to rapidly test critical circuit paths and layouts during critical early prototyping and iteration stages.
The announcement comes in response to customer feedback requesting this valuable option that provides enhanced flexibility, rapid design iterations and reliable functionality for electrical engineers. MacroFab’s new bare PCBs are manufactured to customers’ exact specifications using top-tier materials and precision processes to ensure quality and reliability. Electrical engineers can leverage custom PCBs as a cost-effective and versatile solution for upfront testing. This proactive approach helps identify and eliminate potential issues before full PCB fabrication, so the final electronic device functions flawlessly. In addition to these benefits, custom PCB orders through MacroFab are supported by the company’s expert design review process, high-quality production capabilities, and the ability to seamlessly transition to full assembly using the MacroFab platform.
“As we continue to reshape the future of electronics manufacturing, MacroFab is committed to addressing the core needs of manufacturers of all sizes through our diverse offerings and services,” says Misha Govshteyn, CEO of MacroFab. “Our user-friendly platform simplifies the ordering process, providing our customers with fast turnaround times supported by our engineering expertise. From prototyping to full production, MacroFab offers flexibility and precision along with flawless execution.”
Since MacroFab’s founding in 2013, thousands of companies have accelerated prototype-to-production of electronics through its advanced technology platform coupled with the company’s network of North American manufacturing facility partners. Whether a company needs low-volume printed circuit board assembly or high-volume full product delivery, MacroFab consistently provides unmatched service to diverse industries with its customer-first approach to manufacturing innovation.
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