MacDermid Alpha Releases CircuEtch 300 Anisotropic Final Etch for SAP and mSAP

Waterbury, CT USA– MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, a global supplier of integrated solutions from our Circuitry, Assembly and Semiconductor divisions that provide unmatched capabilities in electronics design and manufacturing, announces the release of CircuEtch 300, a high performance anisotropic final etch for circuit formation in Semi-Additive and modified-Semi-Additive processes (SAP/mSAP) utilized in IC substrate and substrate-like HDI manufacturing.

The CircuEtch 300 high-speed anisotropic etch process is the latest addition to the MacDermid Alpha process family for the manufacturing of the advanced HDI and IC substrates. The CircuEtch series of processes are high performance etch formulas that can be utilized for processing of mSAP and SAP manufacturing of high-density interconnects with excellent precision and overall conductor geometry. CircuEtch 300 has a wide operating window and the etch rate can be adjusted to meet specific process requirements for different types of substrates. The CircuEtch 300 also provides the additional benefit of reducing the surface roughness of the pattern plated electrolytic copper traces for improved electrical properties.

CircuEtch 300 is non-flammable so it eliminates flammable materials shipping and storage concerns which also results in a safer workplace. The new CircuEtch 300 precisely defines traces with optimal geometry, zero undercut, and vertical trace sidewalls for excellent electrical performance. The bath has a predictable etching rate over a wide range of additive, copper, acid, chloride concentration and operating temperatures, while running in easy to maintain horizontal spray etching equipment.

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