Long-Life GMOV™ Hybrid Gas Discharge Tube-Varistor From Bourns in Stock at TTI

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading distributor of electronic components, has stock for immediate shipment of multiple values of the GMOV™ series Hybrid Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)/Metal Oxide Varistor (MOV) from Bourns. The GMOV™ component is designed to be an enhanced protection solution that minimizes degradation and catastrophic failure issues that can occur with discrete MOVs. The “on call but not on duty” isolation of the MOV from line voltage by the GDT shields the MOV from transients and temporary overvoltage spikes.

This combination of the patented GDT with FLAT® technology and an MOV is ideally suited for any number of AC and DC power applications where a high level of performance is required over time. The devices are drop-in replacements for standard 14 and 20mm MOVs. Voltage ratings range from 45Vrms up to 320Vrms. The Bourns GMOV™ is UL 1449 Type 5 rated and RoHS compliant.

To learn more, visit Bourns Hybrid GMOV Protectors at TTI.