Logitech and Girls Who Code Publish Report ‘What (and Who) is Holding Women Back in Tech’

For decades tech and IT industries have been known for gender inequality. For example, only 15% of the engineering workforce is made up of women?
In the tech industry, many companies use the Agile manifesto as a guide to software development. Anchored in principles like teamwork, kindness, and open communication, Agile is designed to keep teams moving forward and evolving as the needs of customers and dynamics of a marketplace change. But when it comes to making needed changes as an industry, is tech actually Agile?
Logitech and Girls Who Code just published the report “What (and Who) is Holding Women Back in Tech?” revealing five key moments that determine whether girls and women choose a career in computer science.
It’s time for companies to ‘walk the walk’ and commit to being actually Agile, not in the name of productivity, but in the name of equity.
Download the full report here!

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