Koh Young Technology Adds Paste Dispensing to 
Enhance its 3D SPI Platform

Koh Young Technology, the leading 3D measurement inspection solutions provider, is again expanding capabilities of the world’s fastest 3D SPI (Solder Paste Inspection) solution. At Productronica from 14-17November in Munich, Germany, the company will demonstrate its new high-precision, integrated dispenser for the KY8030-3, which can eliminate cost and increase yield.

Insufficient solder paste is common in electronics assembly due to stencil design challenges stemming from component geometries and associated pad sizes on a circuit board. Increasing component density further complicates solder paste deposition. Inadequate solder can cause multiple problems such as open joints and lean fillets, as well as weak joints that are susceptible to breaking during subsequent assembly processes, transportation, or even field use. The cost implications quickly accumulate, especially when multiple board prototypes or designs are manufactured in volume. Using the 8030-3 SPI system to identify solder issues, and then dispense additional solder can eliminate production costs associated with cleaning, rework, and scrap.

Koh Young’s innovative technology helps overcomes the insufficient solder issue with a new high-performance Auto Repair feature. An integrated dispenser within the KY8030-3 achieves micrometer precision and delivers dispensing capability for 0402M (01005) pads and larger. According to industry reports, insufficient or open solder joints cause over 40 percent of SMT defects. With the inherent ability to identify solder printing defects, an 8030-3 configured with the Auto Repair option provides the ability to correct these process defects and increase first pass yield. When the feature is enabled, the system can correct circuit boards during production, which reduces post-production efforts.

Koh Young’s Auto Repair unit provides superior design benefits to maximize profitability and improve the Return on Investment (ROI). While the dispenser design helps reduce clogging, a simple interface makes cleaning and installation a snap. Moreover, the syringe holder uses a one-touch release for quick replacement without any tools. Minimal maintenance requirements further reduce machine downtime, which also saves labor and material costs.

As the absolute leader in the SPI and AOI markets, Koh Young Technology will demonstrate its high-speed KY8030-3 SPI system with the new Auto Repair function. Additionally, the company will participate in several show activities, including topical roundtable discussions and interviews on the smart factory and inspection process. If you cannot attend the show to visit Koh Young at booth 377 in hall A2, you can learn more about Koh Young Technology and its best-in-class inspection solutions at www.kohyoung.com.