Koh Young and Fuji do Brasil Celebrate a 15-year Milestone at FIEE

Atlanta, GA – During the recent FIEE trade show in Sao Paolo, Brazil, an atmosphere of excitement and camaraderie filled the air as Koh Young Technology, the industry leader in True3D™ measurement-based inspection solutions, and Fuji do Brasil Máquinas Industriais, the dominant supplier of high-quality equipment and services to the printed circuit board assembly market in South America, proudly commemorated their fruitful and enduring 15-year partnership. In an intimate and exclusive setting, warm speeches and heartfelt testimonials were shared, reflecting on the journey they had embarked upon together, the challenges overcome, and the countless success stories in the electronics manufacturing sector.

The private nature of the event allowed for more meaningful interactions among the guests. Business leaders, clients, and partners engaged in discussions, fostering new connections, and exploring potential avenues for future cooperation. The spirit of innovation and the pursuit of excellence were palpable throughout the evening.

General Manager and President at Fuji do Brasil, Domingos Tomyana stated, “A fruitful 15-year partnership with Koh Young has brought forth remarkable synergies. We pride ourselves on balancing assertiveness and accountability, as we continuously strive for unwavering customer satisfaction.”

Amidst the celebratory atmosphere, the event underlined the importance of enduring business relationships built on trust, mutual understanding, and shared goals. Koh Young and Fuji do Brasil’s partnership should serve as an inspiring example of how collaboration between industry leaders can drive advancements and push boundaries.

The celebration did not merely mark a 15-year long successful partnership, but rather it heralded the beginning of a new chapter”, commented Ramon Hernandez, Head of Sales and Service for Mexico and South America at Koh Young. “This next chapter promises to push the boundaries of collaboration and enhance the landscape of electronics manufacturing. With our joint commitment to deliver excellence and a shared vision for a future of possibilities, we are set to continue our journey together, making a lasting impact on the industry in South America.

As the private event concluded, the sense of achievement and excitement lingered, setting the stage for the companies to continue their collaborative journey with renewed enthusiasm, empowering each other to reach greater heights in the years to come.

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