Koh Young Adds Value to Pre-reflow with Panasonic APC System

February, 2018 –  Koh Young Technology, a 3D measurement inspection solutions provider, announces its Zenith 3D AOI System is fully connected to Panasonic NPM and APC (Advanced Process Control) Systems. The Zenith 3D AOI System is the first certified APC-ready 3D AOI for 0201M components, which can improve yields in high density placements.

The Koh Young Zenith 3D AOI can feed correct mounting position values to Panasonic NPM
mounters ensuring components are mounted in the targeted position as intended. This feature, also
known as APC-MFB (Advanced Process Control-Mounter Feedback), improves process
repeatability by automatically adjusting component placement to the paste, rather than to the pad
location. Moreover, APC-MFB will catch the shift trend and conduct further position correction by
using true 3D measurement data from the Zenith AOI system.

To achieve this M2M feedback, Koh Young has undergone rigorous verification with 10um and
15um Zenith 3D AOI systems. Upon successful completion of testing, Koh Young has been certified
for 0201M components in addition to 0402M components; making them a leading solution provider for microchip mounting reliability.

Commenting on their successful partnership with Panasonic Smart Factory Solutions Co., Ltd., Mr.
Nobuo Kobayashi, Managing Director of Japan Koh Young Co., Ltd. remarked, “We are honored
to join the trusted APC Alliance as our vision is to deliver Agile Manufacturing innovation to our
customers.” Mr. Kobayashi continued, “We believe our superior feedback capability of the APC-
ready Zenith will deliver quality pre-reflow yield and develop minimum industry standards for narrow pitch placement of microcomponents.”

In addition to this innovation, Koh Young will highlight a broad range of additional technologies,
while taking part in several show activities, including topical roundtable discussions and interviews
on the smart factory and inspection process. If you cannot attend IPC APEX Expo and visit Koh
Young at booth 2733, you can learn more its best-in-class inspection solutions at www.kohyoung.com.