KIC Introduces Smart Factory Starter Kit

See us at IPC APEX EXPO in Booth #3301

Everybody agrees that the Smart Factory holds great potential to lower cost, provide consistent quality, and add highly valued capabilities. Most companies, however, are still sitting on the fence.  Enter KIC’s Smart Factory Starter KIT.  It’s value proposition is for users to move up the steep learning curve with a limited investment ($35,000 and a couple of week’s engineering time).

The starter kit includes most of the IIoT dimensions (process transparency, traceability, machine learning, extreme automation, machine to machine and MES connectivity, lower electricity use etc.)  The narrow focus on the reflow process means lower risk and fast implementation, where you get exposed to the many challenges that can trip you up.  Learn what works and what does not work.  Within weeks you can reap Smart Factory benefits in reflow, but more importantly, you will be well positioned to take on the rest of the factory!