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KATEK Issues Preliminary Revenue Report

Mission accomplished – KATEK continues to grow strongly in 2023, realizes strongest year in the company’s history in terms of earnings and cash flow and meets all forecasts

  • Revenue increased by around 15% compared to the previous year to EUR 784 million
  • Reported EBITDA increased by over 80% to over EUR 41.5 million
  • Consistent working capital management with organic reduction in inventories of more than EUR 50 million compared to the previous year with a corresponding positive effect on operating cash flow

Munich – According to preliminary figures, KATEK SE continued its strong growth in the 2023 financial year and achieved a new record result. With revenue growth of around 15% to EUR 784 million and an increase in reported EBITDA of more than 80% to over EUR 41.5 million, KATEK has consolidated its position in the market and impressively realized the turnaround in earnings and cash flow.

The significant improvement in gross margins in the second half of 2023 underlines the effectiveness of the strategic measures. The operating result (EBITDA adj.) is within the forecast guidance, which demonstrates the successful implementation of the corporate strategy and the ability to adapt in a dynamic market environment.

KATEK generated a strong operating cash flow through consistent working capital management. The organic reduction in inventories by over EUR 50 million at the end of 2023 compared to the beginning of the year – more than EUR 60 million compared to the peak of the supply chain crisis – demonstrates the company’s strong performance and simultaneous growth.

Particularly noteworthy is the strong revenue growth in the solar segment of over 32% to more than EUR 120 million, which confirms KATEK as the leading supplier in this segment. In addition, all preparations have been made to convert the impressively high orders from 2023 for the ghostONE Wallbox into revenue, which underlines KATEK’s ability to deliver innovative products within a very short timeframe.

All figures mentioned are subject to the proviso that the annual audit has not yet been completed.

KATEK and Kontron: Strong together for the future

Thanks to the strategic partnership with Kontron AG, a leading company in the field of Internet-of-Things (IoT), KATEK is excellently positioned to continue its strong growth and exploit its full potential in a united group of companies. Following the acquisition of around 59.4 percent of KATEK shares by Kontron AG (subject to conditions precedent under antitrust law), KATEK continues its success story with the new majority shareholder Kontron AG. The focus on key industries such as eMobility and renewable energies, coupled with an impressive international expansion and the development into a key driver of the electronics industry in Europe, especially in the GreenTec sector, forms the basis of this synergy. The connection with Kontron opens new growth opportunities for KATEK through the integration of high-quality electronic systems and products, including software, in promising markets.

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