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KATEK Hosts ‘Festival of Electronics’ Event

KATEK’s Festival of Electronics Event features an impressive roster of speakers including Dieter Weiss, Randi Zuckerberg and more.

“We see digitalization as an opportunity for the transformation of the EMS industry and want to work with the industry to shape the future of electronic ideas. Under the motto #smartfuture, we are launching the Festival of Electronics series with inspiring content from the world of smart solutions,” the event website explains. “In live and on demand sessions, we present future topics of the EMS world and clarify questions about innovative technology solutions with engaging expert talks and various industry applications.”

The highlight of the event series is our event on 28.01.2021. Even though the heart of many applications are the smallest components – we think big. The focus is on sharing common visions and exchanging ideas on future topics.

Festival Of Electronics – A Festival by KATEK