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If you plan to participate in this year’s SMTA International conference, be sure to check out these on-demand presentations from iNEMI project teams.

Enhancing Thermal Fatigue Reliability of Pb-Free Solder Alloys with Additions of Bismuth and Antimony
Presentation #458: Lead-Free & Low Temp Soldering Technologies (LF) Track
Speaker: Richard Coyle, Ph.D. (Nokia Bell Labs)

This paper discusses the thermal fatigue reliability of high reliability solder alloys containing significant additions and combinations of bismuth (Bi) and antimony (Sb) in comparison to alloys with additions of Bi or Sb only. The differences in alloy performance with the two BGA packages are compared using Weibull statistics, microstructural characterization and failure mode analysis.

iNEMI Project on Process Development of BiSn-Based Low Temperature Solder Pastes – Part VII: Mechanical Shock Test and Failure Analysis on Mixed SnAgCu-BiSn Solder Joints of FCBGA Components
Presentation #462: Lead-Free & Low Temp Soldering Technologies (LF) Track
Speaker: Jagadeesh Radhakrishnan (Intel)

This paper presents an update on the mechanical shock reliability testing and detailed failure analysis conducted on SAC-BiSn BGAs by the iNEMI Low Temperature Solder Process and Reliability project team. Testing included eutectic BiSn and ductile BiSn metallurgies and builds on the earlier work on eutectic and resin reinforced metallurgies presented at SMTAI 2019.

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