JBC revolutionizes the soldering industry with pioneering traceability and control software

JBC Soldering, a leading manufacturer of soldering and rework equipment, is launching the first smart system that optimizes traceability in soldering, revolutionizing the industry.

JBC Net is a pioneering system that manages and optimizes the hand soldering process, standardizes parameters and controls operator performance. This software offers comprehensive, real-time assistance for soldering work. It allows the automatic configuration of soldering stations and allows parameters and configurations to be shared between different plants. Moreover, by exporting and analyzing data, companies can quickly and efficiently adapt to the needs of each customer.

JBC Net also allows user accounts to be created so that team performance can be known in real time, the workflow can be improved and better decisions made, thereby optimizing productivity and product quality.

In fact, the JBC Net system is especially useful for obtaining traceability reports. A need that companies can only fulfil using this advanced software.

Control and traceability
The application represents a revolution in every sense. Managers will be able to obtain complete traceability reports to guarantee an efficient and quality production, and operators will be able to consult their entire work panel on a screen in real time. It also allows operators to see their next tasks and consult assistance resources, thus complying with standards and soldering components more efficiently. JBC Net involves the complete digitalization of traceability.

JBC Net has 4 solutions to adapt to the needs of every customer. Two basic and complete options for the remote control of equipment, and two flexible and scalable solutions for complete follow-up on the production process.

Basic and complete options for the remote control of stations:

Win Manager allows stations to be managed remotely and parameters to be configured with just one click, as well as graphs and configurations to be exported through the local JBC Net software.

Web Manager controls stations easily from any device with access to the JBC Net web application, regardless of the location of each production line. It also allows user accounts to be created with different editing permissions.

Flexible and scalable options for a complete follow-up and remote control of stations:

·         QST Custom allows control over stations, as well as a custom traceability system to be designed, which can be integrated in a company’s MES thanks to the JBC Net development kit.
·         QST Enterprise has two integrated and closed applications: one for the line manager and another for the operator. It allows work plans to be managed, workers registered and production controlled thanks to complete traceability reports, among other features.

In the words of Enrique Moreno, JBC Net Implementation Manager, “JBC Net is a solution that allows companies in the aerospace, medical and automotive sectors to trace the process of all hand soldering jobs. This will allow them to not only analyze the various soldering joints, but also to repair boards and components that were discarded up to now for safety reasons”.

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