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IPCEF Student Chapters Grow to More Than Two Dozen in 2019

By Aaron Birney, education program manager, IPCEF

The IPC Education Foundation (IPCEF) launched its Student Chapter Program in February 2019. The Student Chapter Program focuses on providing scholarships, offering relevant industry content, and assisting with career readiness for its student members. The foundation aims to expand this program by having IPC members host facility tours and participate in speaking engagements on campus, and by incorporating relevant competitions/projects for student chapters. As of December 2019, there are 26 IPC Student Chapters across 14 states in the United States. There are 252 student members in these chapters. Presently, 19 chapters exist at four-year universities/colleges while seven chapters exist at two-year community/technical colleges.  To be eligible for membership, student members must be pursuing degrees in the following disciplines: electrical, electronics, mechanical, computer, technology, chemical, aerospace, and/or broad engineering. IPCEF has student members in certificate programs, two-year degrees, four-year degrees, and masters and doctoral students. IPCEF continues to expand the reach of the program by growing the number of chapters in the United States with plans to expand internationally in 2020 and beyond. IPCEF offers an inclusive range of sponsorship opportunities at every level so that all IPC members and prospective partners can demonstrate their commitment to supporting the electronics industry. These partnership opportunities support our efforts in changing perceptions, preparing students, and creating career pathways for the emerging workforce through scholarships and awards, valuable resources, and member-only career advancement events. To learn more, visit or send an e-mail to

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