IPC Honors Apple, Inc. and MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solutions with Corporate Recognition Awards

IPC presented its highest corporate honors to two IPC member companies, Apple Inc., and MacDermid Alpha Electronic Solutions during the IPC Annual Meeting/Awards Ceremony at IPC APEX EXPO 2022. The Peter Sarmanian Corporate Recognition Award was presented to MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions, and the Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award was presented to Apple, Inc.

The Peter Samarian Corporate Recognition award, named for a former IPC Board Chairman, recognizes an IPC-member company in the printed board industry (PCB) that has supported IPC through participation in technical and management programs while providing leadership for the industry.

IPC members since 1962, MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions lends nearly two dozen employees to participate in IPC standards development committees ranging from printed board fabrication and electronics assembly to automotive electronics and press-fit technology. Numerous company employees have received awards for contributions to standards development, and many staff members have presented at IPC workshops and conferences.

Named for former IPC Board Chairman and founding member of the IPC Electronics Manufacturing Services Industry Management Council, the IPC Stan Plzak Corporate Recognition Award honors an IPC-member company in the electronics assembly industry (EMS) that actively contributes to the industry while supporting IPC technical and/or management programs.

Apple staff members are active on multiple technical committees ranging from product design to materials declaration and green cleaners. They have been instrumental in helping IPC and the industry to develop a new standard, IPC-1402, Standard for Green Cleaners Used in Electronics Manufacturing, a standard that defines the criteria for what constitutes a green cleaner for electronics manufacturing and will specifically apply to cleaners used in the manufacture of electronic assemblies, components, and materials.  Enthusiastic supporters of IPC training, 40 Apple engineers have participated in the Electronics Assembly for Engineers course.

“IPC benefits tremendously from Apple and MacDermid Alpha’s leadership, knowledge and expertise,” said John W. Mitchell, IPC president and CEO. “Their involvement in IPC has directly contributed to IPC’s global growth in the electronics industry.”

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