IPC E-Textiles 2018 – Where Standards, Innovation and Collaboration Will Combine to Create the Perfect Speedstorm

IPC D-70 E-Textiles Committee chair Stephanie Rodgers and vice-chair Ben Cooper spotlight just some of the reasons why you need to be at IPC E-Textiles 2018. Stephanie and Ben are members of the IPC E-Textiles 2018 program committee, which has put together a stellar lineup of technologists from the e-textiles space who will provide real-world solutions for merging textiles with electronics.

Stephanie and Ben will also kick of the workshop with two interactive sessions:
• Textiles and Testing 101
• E-Textile Creations Speedstorming – Who Thinks Up This Stuff?

As you can see in their video introduction, IPC E-Textiles 2018 will be a creative, collaborative forum for technologists and innovators to identify solutions, create partnerships and help propel growth for the e-textiles market. And expect a little fun along the way.

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