IPC Announces Program for High Reliability Forum October 17-19

The critical reliability of electronic prosthetics in the brain to help restore movement to a paralyzed hand, enhancing the durability of EV automotive infrastructure, testing criteria and challenges of working with lead-free materials, and evaluation of reliability and maintainability for safe airborne structures are just a few of the exciting agenda items offered only at the IPC High Reliability Forum, to be held October 17-19, 2023 at the Hilton Baltimore BWI Airport, located in Linthicum (Baltimore), Maryland.

The IPC High Reliability Forum is a must-attend event if you manufacture, design or test electronics for applications with unique safety, reliability, and lifetime requirements. This conference will provide a unique opportunity for sharing best practices across applications focused on reliability requirements, including aerospace, automotive, medical, and military applications.


Highlights Include:

EV Panel | Wednesday, October 18

Revving Up Reliability: Connect, Clean & Coat for Electric Vehicle Excellence

Panelists: Brian O’Leary, Indium | Debbie Carboni, KYZEN | Brian Chislea, Dow

Brian O’Leary, Indium’s global head of e-mobility and infrastructure, leads this panel session on resolving durability concerns pertaining to PCBAs in e-Mobility infrastructure, encompassing electric vehicles, charging stations, and Battery Energy Storage Systems. The session delves into assembly design challenges and offers solutions for constructing more dependable systems. Through a collaborative study involving Indium, KYZEN, and Dow, three industry experts – Brian Chislea, Dow, Brian O’Leary, Indium, and Debbie Carboni, KYZEN, present valuable insights to improve uptime performance, thus mitigating costly warranty repairs and enhancing customer satisfaction. The session aims to provide practical strategies for enhancing the reliability of e-Mobility components and optimizing the overall user experience.

Special Session | Wednesday, October 18

Neuroprostheses for Controlling Hand and Finger Movements

Presenter: Cynthia A. Chestek, Ph.D. | University of Michigan

Brain-machine interfaces or neural prosthetics have the potential to restore movement to people with paralysis or amputation, bridging gaps in the nervous system with an artificial electronic device. Dr. Chestek, who runs the Cortical Neural Prosthetics Lab at the University of Michigan, presents her latest work on designing highly-reliable electronic devices to interface with the brain for the restoration of hand movement for anyone who has lost the use of their hands.

Technical Presentation | Thursday, October 19

The Challenges Faced by High Reliability Companies to Move into the 21st Century When Working with New Fluxes
William Capen | Honeywell

William Capen, Honeywell, engineering technical specialist, and contractor for the Department of Energy’s Kansas City National Security Campus, will discuss selection criteria, testing criteria, and utilization of materials that are designed for lead-free processing with a high-temperature activation for low-temperature parts and assemblies. He will also document what can happen if criteria are not followed in an organized and scientific approach to testing. The testing will include SIR data, Ion Chromatographic testing, Solderability testing, and aging of materials on assemblies to simulate a 15-year life span.

Technical Presentation | Thursday, October 19
Implementing Avionics/Electronics Integrity Program (AVIP) for IPC High Reliability Electronics
Presenter: Raymond Zhao, Ph.D. | Northrop Grumman Systems Corporation

Dr. Raymond Zhao is a subject matter expert on airworthiness, safety of flight structural analysis, damage-tolerance, and fatigue evaluation of airborne structures. Dr. Zhao will explain how implementing the Air Force proposed Avionics/Electronics Integrity Program (AVIP) will help achieve the required performance for the integration of reliability, maintainability, and other factors to ensure the high reliability of electronics.

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