Inventec Introduces Topklean EL 606 for Stencil Cleaning

Discover TopkleanTM EL 606 for the removal of not revised solder pastes and SMT glues on your stencils.

A product:

  • Environmentally friendly:

TopkleanTM EL 606 can be used without rinsing and, in this case, it limits pollution of waste water and its further treatment in treatment plants.

A non-VOC product, it has no impact on air pollution as defined by European regulations.

For years, Inventec Performance Chemicals designs and develops cleaning solutions to reduce the environmental impacts of chemicals used in industry. Inventec was the first European industrial company in its field to create a certification process to reduce the ecological impacts of its products, certified and validated by Bureau Veritas, called GreenwayTM.

  • Technical:

TopkleanTM EL 606 meets the cleanliness requirements of stencils for reuse in the production chain. It is compatible with cross-contamination processes which avoid pollution linked to the use of leaded creams.

Formulated without surfactants, it can be easily filtered, thus avoiding a film-forming deposit on the surface of the stencils during a large number of cycles, even when it is not rinsed.

  • Secured:

Non-flammable product with no flash point, TopkleanTM EL 606 is also a neutral and non-corrosive fluid, which allows to the user to work safely, in accordance with the recommendations of the safety data sheet available on request.

REACH compliant, it is not mentioned in any annex to the European regulation.

  • Economic:

Its technical performance, linked to a formulation adapted to filtration, reduces the rebus rates.

The long life of the bath and its ease of implementation (concentrated version or ready to use) significantly reduce maintenance time.

Can also be used without rinsing, the use of TopkleanTM EL 606 allows a marked reduction in water consumption at the cleaning station.





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