Intertronics launches archytas series of robotic integrations

To enable manufacturing businesses across the UK to automate multiple adhesive processes on one machine, adhesives and dispensing equipment specialist Intertronics has introduced the archytas series of robotic integrations. Each cell is specified and built to a customer’s individual needs to provide them with accurate and repeatable processes, improve health and safety and increase productivity.

The archytas series typically includes a robot and is suitable for applications demanding accurate and repeatable dispensing, surface preparation, metering and mixing, UV curing and other processes. They involve equipment from different manufacturers, chosen from Intertronics’ carefully selected equipment partners, integrated into a bespoke cell that is designed, developed and implemented while working closely with the customer.

During specification, Intertronics will consider the customer’s unique needs in detail assessing all parts of the process including part size, quantity, tooling, jigging, material feed, real-time feedback, vision-based programming and fiducial auto-adjustment, dispensing tip alignment and more. The systems are built in-house, so Intertronics can supply a completed system that meets customer requirements in a timely manner. The team will provide installation and training to get the equipment up and running quickly.

As part of the integration, operating systems are combined into clear control panels to simplify operation. Health and safety is assured with custom interlocked enclosures and guarding to safeguard personnel from moving parts, UV irradiation or other hazards. The systems are designed and built in such a way that they can be easily adapted or have different equipment or capabilities added in future.

“An archytas series system can cover everything from a simple dispensing application to automate a manual process, all the way up to a sophisticated camera-led system that combines several actions and abilities,” explained Kevin Cook, Technical Manager at Intertronics. “However, it does not have to be a revolution — together with our customers we can devise a step-by-step plan, taking a modular approach with little redundancy, so manufacturers can gradually improve their processes. This can help provide a more straightforward return on investment calculation and futureproof the approach.”

“The UK is showing a growing appetite for industrial robots, which we expect to see further accelerate in the next few years,” explained Peter Swanson, Managing Director of Intertronics. “The barrier to entry is often the cost, but our archytas series offering lowers the bar considerably. The archytas series is already popular with our customers — we hope to support more businesses with our automation experience, integration skills and technology as the uptake of robots grows.”

The applications of the archytas series are very broad, but some examples include fuel cell and battery manufacture, sealing LED lights and applying and curing UV masks to aerospace components.

For more information on the archytas series and to view examples, visit  If you are interested in a custom robot integration, speak to our team by calling 01865 842842.