Intertronics launch affordable mixing machine for liquids, pastes and powders

The new Thinky ARM-310 Engineering Compounds Mixer from Intertronics offers an alternative to mixing by hand, with simple operation and fully homogenous results in a few minutes; results which are repeatable time after time. The bench-top machine has a compact 300x340mm footprint and costs less than £5,000.

The Thinky ARM-310 mixer provides consistent mixing results for many engineering, pharmaceutical or cosmetic compounds, which can comprise of liquids, pastes, powders or fillers in any combination. It uses planetary centrifugal motion to quickly and homogeneously mix and disperse materials without inclusion of air. Mixing takes place in removable containers such as jars, beakers, syringe barrels or cartridges, which keeps clean-up to minimum, requires no invasive mixing implements, and avoids cross contamination. Overall process times can be considerably reduced, often from hours to minutes.

Mixing speeds and parameters are readily programmed on a simple control panel on the machine, and can be saved for later use. The process is defined and repeatable, which means that the mixing results are fully and consistently reproducible every time. Improved mix quality, faster process speeds, efficient clean-up and reduced chemical handling can lead to a short return on investment period.

The ARM-310 is part of a complete line of Thinky mixers that includes mixing, degassing and nano-particle processing. They are extensively used in critical applications in the electronics, medical device, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and materials laboratory sectors, for both R&D and production.

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