International e-Waste Day October 13

This exciting initiative will take place on 13 October 2018 thanks to extensive collaboration between the WEEE Forum community and external organisations in more than 20 countries worldwide. International E-Waste Day will focus on raising awareness on e-waste issues and e-waste collection and recycling.

Initiatives being undertaken by participant organisations are aimed at raising the profile of e-waste recycling and increasing the correct disposal of e-waste with the resulting increase in re-use and recycling rates on the day itself and into the future. These initiatives are many and diverse and include conferences, events, school and city collections, promotions in stores and recycling centres and an online guide for proper e-waste disposal. All of these will be promoted locally on and around International E-Waste Day.

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 WEEE Islands Summit

In the frame of the International E-Waste Day the WEEE Forum together with WEEE Malta, is organising WEEE Islands Summit, a seminar about WEEE collection and recycling issues on islands.

Schemes operating on islands face specific questions associated with their particular situation (lack of economies of scale, lack of available infrastructure in situ etc.). Some of the topics for discussion will be:

  • Specifics of WEEE management in islands,
  • Particular challenges of WEEE management and financing,
  • Best practices of WEEE treatment in islands (is exporting the best option?),
  • Improvement proposals

The meeting will take place on 12 October on The Veranda, Giardini Lambrosa, Rabat in Malta.