INSPECTIS AB Launches HD-150 Combined Tilt and Telescopic Table

Solna, Sweden Complete and comprehensive precision inspection of parts and assemblies is easier and more precise when the objects under inspection can be inspected from various angles and heights, not just straight up and down.

That’s why Inspectis AB has introduced the HD-150 Combined Tilt and Telescope Table, so that an object such as an SMT/PCB assembly or a Medical Device can be tilted up to 30⁰ in all directions, and at various user-adjustable heights under the Inspectis video microscope camera. The HD-150 is a universal solution, usable with any of the Inspectis all-in-one cameras (C12 Series, U10 and the new F30) when using additional +2, +3, and +5 diopter macro magnification lenses.

In making the announcement, Alistair Gooch, Marketing Manager, said, “The more 3D an object under inspection is, the more important it is to be able to tilt the object whilst holding it firmly and without movement or vibration. In addition to tilt capability, the HD-150 includes the popular HD-050 Telescopic feature, which provides 103mm vertical displacement. Combined with up to 30 degrees of user-adjustable tilt, the HD-150 provides a truly wide range of positioning flexibility for objects under inspection.”

“Often, having a camera at a fixed position has the advantages of simplicity or stability. However, with a camera at a fixed height, should magnification be required beyond the capability of the internal optical set up, external macro lenses may be needed. Unfortunately, the working distance is reduced proportionally to the power of the optic used.  Thus, it becomes necessary to narrow the distance between the object under inspection and the lens to achieve the optimal working distance.”

The HD-150 features a 3-stage telescopic post that provides convenient height steps and allows step-less height adjustment between 52 to 155 mm.  The object table has the same dimensions and format as the popular HD-029 Tilt table and uses the same proven high quality anti-static coated material as other Inspectis accessories, and the surface of the tilt board is covered with a high-friction antistatic mat to keep the o