Inovar Inc. Announces Executive Promotions

LOGAN, UT – Inovar, Inc., a full-service EMS provider, announced that President Craig Rupp has been promoted to Chief Executive Officer and Jeff Lowe as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Rupp will also continue to act as President of Inovar. Former CEO Blake Kirby will play an active role in the company by continuing to serve as Chairman of the Board.

“Craig has demonstrated a tremendous ability to build great teams which have significantly increased Inovar’s capacity and technical capability to serve the most demanding markets in the electronic industry,” said Kirby. “His values and leadership abilities are in complete alignment with Inovar’s purpose.”

Rupp joined Inovar in 2008 as Vice President of Engineering. Prior to joining Inovar, Rupp was the Director of New Product Development for Iomega Corporation. With over 25 years of engineering experience, Rupp is passionate about continuous improvement and has considerable experience with both domestic and international manufacturing.

“I’m honored to be part of an exceptional organization of dedicated individuals who consistently strive to provide world class products to our customers,” said Rupp, who has been acting as President and COO of Inovar for the past six years. “Inovar has seen solid growth in recent years and the opportunity that lies ahead of us is enormous. I am committed to the continued innovation and execution that our customers expect from us.”

Jeff Lowe joined the Inovar team in March, 2018. Prior to Inovar, Jeff had over 26 years of manufacturing and executive experience. As CEO of Qnergy from 2014 to 2018, Lowe was crucial in product development, market analysis and creation and final distribution. During his tenure at Autoliv from 1992 to 2010 as Director of Operations, Lowe was instrumental in Autoliv’s Shingo Prize for manufacturing excellence.

“Since joining the Inovar family, I have seen the great culture and passion for success that resides here,” says Lowe. “It truly is an honor to be a part of such an organization. We look forward to continued success as we implement and follow correct methods and principles throughout the organization.”

For their new positions at Inovar, Rupp and Lowe bring a wealth of relevant experience in leadership, continuous improvement and growth in operations, research and development, engineering and sales and marketing.

About Inovar, Inc

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