Innovative Growers Equipment Selects Seoul Semiconductor Multi-Spectrum LEDs for its ILE Radiance Suite of Lights for Horticultural Applications

The Radiance Spectrum UV6C 600W horticultural lighting fixtures incorporate Seoul’s UV, white, and deep red LEDs to produce an enhanced broadband spectrum light designed to increase crop yields


SYCAMORE, IL – Innovative Growers Equipment, a leading manufacturer of greenhouse benches, racks, and horticultural lighting systems, has selected Seoul Semiconductor ultraviolet (UV), white, and deep red (DR) LEDs for its latest lighting product, the ILE Radiance Spectrum UV6C horticultural lighting fixtures. The fixtures use the unique spectral properties of Seoul’s LEDs to produce an enhanced broadband spectrum of light designed to maximize plant yields at all growth stages.

The four-foot square 600W LED arrays are mounted in extruded aluminum frames, with five LED channels per frame with sealed glass lensing, and are designed to produce full spectrum light optimized for plant growth.

“The ILE Radiance Spectrum lights were developed by leveraging years of grower collaboration to design our state of the are fixture,” said Chris Mayer, CEO of Innovative Growers Equipment. “Our proprietary combination of white, UV-A, and deep red LEDs maximize biomass accumulation, boost chlorophyll A & B absorption rates, stimulate cannabinoid levels, and mitigate pathogens in a wide range of horticultural applications.”

“In developing the Radiance Spectrum UV6C lighting system, our collaboration led us to select Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys, since their LED technology innovations include devices that produce light across a normalized photon spectrum from ultraviolet to deep red,” said Butch Tomasko. “The enhanced broadband spectrum of light produced enables growers to ensure better yields and a consistently high quality of crops.”

Designed to be suspended over crops at a height of 12”, the Radiance Spectrum UV6C lighting system frames measure 44” x 44” with an ultralow profile of just 2”. The LEDs feature a PAR efficiency of 2.5µmol/J, and the fixture delivers a photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD) of 1,500µmol/s, with a beam angle of 120°. Available for 110 – 277VAC or 348 – 480VAC input voltages with pre-installed drivers, the fixtures have a ≥90% power factor, and are dimmable (0-10V, PWM).

The Radiance Spectrum UV6C fixtures are shipped fully-assembled, and feature an operating temperature range of 14° – 113°F (-10° – 40°C), and have an IP-66 environmental rating for use in humid environments. They are certified to cETLus, FCC, and DLC safety and performance standards, and carry a five-year warranty.

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About Innovative Growers Equipment
Innovative Growers Equipment (IGE) is a leading manufacturer of greenhouse benches, racks, and horticultural lighting systems, that boast a wide variety of “Made in the US” racks, benches and airflow systems. IGE is centrally located in Sycamore Illinois within a 300K square foot facility that includes robotics equipment from welders, laser cutters, CNC, thermal forming machines, and its latest addition of a Hanwha big board line that can place upwards of 30,000 LEDs per hour. The company’s commitment and utilization of robotics automation in a majority of the internal processes ensures the company can offer its customers state-of-the-art products while keeping cost down. With the introduction of ILE “Innovative Lighting Equipment,” IGE has added another level of service available for customers with its made and or assembled in the USA business model.

The company’s newest division is Innovative Lighting Equipment, manufacturer of the revolutionary Radiance Spectrum UV6C Lighting System featuring an enhance broadband spectrum of light that combines ultraviolet (UV), white, and deep red (DR) LEDs that produce light designed to support all plant growth stages.

Headquartered in Sycamore, Illinois, Innovative Growers Equipment has shipped thousands of installations in more than 10 countries, utilizing their collective experience in designing, manufacturing, and building custom grow solutions. For more information, please visit:

About Seoul Semiconductor

Seoul Semiconductor is the world’s second-largest global LED manufacturer, a ranking excluding the captive market, and has more than 14,000 patents. Based on a differentiated product portfolio, Seoul offers a wide range of technologies, and mass produces innovative LED products for indoor and outdoor lighting, automotive, IT products, such as mobile phone, computer displays, and other applications. The company’s world’s first technologies are becoming LED industry standard and leading global market with a package-free LED, WICOP; a high-voltage AC-driven LED, Acrich; a LED with 10X the output of a conventional LED, nPola; a ultraviolet clean technology LED, Violeds; an all direction light emitting technology, filament LED; a natural spectrum LED, SunLike; and more. For more information, please visit

About Seoul Viosys & SETi

Seoul Viosys is a full-line solution provider for UV LED, VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser), the next-generation light source for 3D sensor and laser, and a single-pixel RGB “Micro Clean Pixel” for displays. Established in 2002 as a subsidiary of Seoul Semiconductor, it captured No. 1 market share in the UV LED industry (LEDinside, 2018). Seoul Viosys has an extensive LED portfolio in all wavelengths (200nm to 1600nm) including ultraviolet rays (UV), visible rays and infrared rays. It holds more than 4,000 patents related to UV LED technology. Violeds, its flagship UV LED technology, provides a wide range of industries with optimal solutions for robust sterilization and disinfection (UVC), skin regeneration (UVB), water/air purification, and effective cultivation for horticulture. To learn more, visit

SETi, based in Columbia, South Carolina, was founded in 1999 by four Ph.D.s, for research and development of compound semiconductors in the United States. In 2005, SETi received investment and R&D funding from Seoul Semiconductor and Seoul Viosys. Currently, SETi is the only company in the world that can produce UV LEDs from 200nm to 430nm. To learn more, visit