iNEMI Announces End of Project Webinar on Connector Reliability Nov. 14 & 15

The first phase of iNEMI’s Connector Reliability Test Recommendations Project reviewed current standards pertaining to connector reliability and surveyed industry to determine common metrics for connector reliability qualification guidelines. In Phase 2, the project team took the investigation further to:

  • Specify stress levels for connectors used in a defined set of applications
  • Map stress levels to the connector tiers defined in Phase 1
  • Propose updates/changes to existing stress tests/stress testing sequences to allow parts to experience the interaction of the degradation mechanisms expected in the connectors under use conditions
  • Recommend what should be included in a test report so that it is easy for the industry to use and creates a common way of communicating connector reliability

The project team will review Phase 2 results in this end-of-project webinar. This webinar is open to anyone who is interested. For additional information.