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Indonesia Industrial Printer Market Has Shrunk Almost a Half Comparing 2020 to 2019

INDONESIA, April 6, 2021 — According to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Industrial Printer Tracker, a combination from all products of industrial printers in Indonesia significantly declined by -45.3% YoY. “This huge slope shows the deep impact of COVID-19. With the following recession which predicted last until this Q1 2021, the market will continue to struggle at least up until Q3 2021 after Hari Raya and Fasting month.” says Muhammad Faris Latief, Market Analyst for IPDS at IDC Indonesia.




Unit Shipments

Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Technical printers are the products that heavily being punished during the pandemic time. There is a limited budget for enterprises to invest for new equipment. So far, Technical market is experiencing a -65% drop YoY. In Graphic market, the dropping shows -36.4% YoY. End users that dominated by Print Service Providers and Commercial market claimed that Print volume also drops more than 50% compared to 2019.

Value of Products

Looking at the product value, year 2020 has declined at least -9.93%. The dropping value was not significant although we had massive dropping in unit shipments. Graphic products had the greatest value, however Industrial textile and Label Packaging were the main factors that prevented the market to decline significantly during the pandemic time.

Emerging Trends during COVID-19

Looking at new trends that emerging in this year, we would see the mushrooming numbers of PET-Direct to Film printers. The machine is a genius alternative technology in Graphic Textile application. It will be the substitution of an old-school screen printing technology, beating the DTG and Polyflex markets. “The cost of printing one T-Shirt with A4 size on the front side is less than 0.3 USD and it is cheaper than any Graphic Textile technology in the market.” says Muhammad Faris Latief, Market Analyst for IPDS at IDC Indonesia.

“We are curious on how the market will be reformed in 2021 and expecting the significant growth with more creative application and technology being adopted in the upcoming period. We hope for the best recovery this year.” adds Faris Latief.

For more information about IDC’s tracker products and research services, please contact Muhammad Faris Latief at mlatief@idc.com. For media inquiries, please contact Fulvia Siregar fsiregar@idc.com.

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