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Indium’s Summer Internship Bloggers Offer Hope and Inspiration

If you are looking for inspiration during these troubled times, look no further than Indium Corporation’s Summer Internship blog.

As the parent of a Texas State biology student who spent the summer in Illinois changing tires and doing auto inspections instead of an environmental field study in Ireland, my expectation is that most summer internship programs this year were cancelled. Yet Indium’s appears full speed ahead. As the summer winds down, we browsed through the blog and were quite encouraged for the future of our industry. Here are some samples:

In the blog these young people express their fondness for materials science and the wonders of metal. In a post entitled, Solder Alloys and a Sense of Belonging, Matthew Creighton ponders,

Matthew Creighton

“Learning about the unique position Indium Corporation has within the industry is an internship-long goal and can only be understood with time and being present at inevitable interactions between various departments. With formal training in Materials Science, even I was previously unaware of the breadth of markets  Indium Corporation services: fiber optics, fire suppression, and 5G to name a few. Yet this internship is not simply about completing the tasks at hand, but growing into your professional self. Along the way, you learn what you like and don’t like about a company’s culture, and have to ask yourself if you’d be satisfied with doing similar work in the future. If not, great. If yes, also great. Any experience is a good experience, especially one that occurs during a pandemic…..I wanted to touch on the irony of storing alloy samples in my cubicle. I could say they are there to help keep me grounded in my work, much like the ground where the elements in them were originally found, but that would be a stretch. While it makes for convenient storage when traveling to different facilities, the aspect of having something tangible nearby that I helped fabricate into its current form was appealing to me. It serves as both a reminder of the stakes of my project, and taunts me as a trove of information waiting to be characterized. Moving forward, I hope future hunks of metal don’t provoke such deep reflection…”



In Dare to Dream, Joy Valencia asks,

Joy Valencia

“The most beautiful part about dreams is when they get fulfilled. For years scientists William S. Murray and Daniel Gray dreamed of finding practical uses for indium. After many years of research and experimentation, they found success. They received several patents involving the process of refining and recovering indium. Their continued devotion to indium led to the founding of Indium Corporation in 1934. From the small beginnings as a dream, Indium Corporation has grown into a successful global company.

In 2014, Indium Corporation celebrated 80 years in business. I think the longevity of the company can be attributed to the continued commitment to the legacy of William S. Murray and Daniel Gray. A core value held at Indium Corporation is, “We believe that material science changes the world”. This value expands on the desire of the founders to continue to find new ways to impact the future through advancements of material science.

My question to you is, what are your dreams? What is the change you hope to see in the world? I know the realistic nature of the world can jade the ambitions we once had.  It may take many years to see them come to fruition like for William S. Murray and Daniel Gray.  If you don’t know where to start, look at the experiences you have enjoyed and the skills you already have, and just maybe there’s a way for you to combine the two!”


Maria Vacca describes her thought processes in answering the question, Why Indium Corporation, something Gen Z considers a high priority. She says,

Maria Vacca

“When I first begin researching any company, the first place I look is the company website, specifically the “company culture” section. The culture of a company means a lot to me and is often the reason I will continue to look at the company. Company culture matters to me because when you feel like you fit into an organization’s culture, you feel supported. This internal reward of choosing the right culture can only help facilitate your growth and success. At my first ever internship, initially, I didn’t understand the importance of company culture or an organization’s values and principles. It wasn’t until I went to work every day and saw the embodiment of “Respect, Humility, and Learning” from each and every worker. So, why Indium Corporation? The short answer is The Indium Way. These three simple words hold so much meaning. The Indium Way is defined by three words:  Respect, Appreciation, and Achievement. All three of these words are extremely important, but one stood out to me more than the others.”

We at EMSNOW commend Indium for their robust internship program that attracts the brightest and best to our industry. We hope all companies are investing in the skilled workforce of the future through internship programs and community outreach.

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