Indium Corporation to Sponsor, Moderate IPC e-Mobility Webinar Series

 Indium Corporation is proud to sponsor the four-part e-Mobility Electronics Hardware Reliability Webinar Series, hosted by IPC and moderated by Brian O’Leary, the company’s Global Head of e-Mobility and Infrastructure and Chair of the IPC e-Mobility Quality & Reliability Advisory Council. The webinar series will bring together industry leaders to discuss the hurdles in achieving reliability for emerging e-Mobility technology. Reliability drivers, technology applications, and target lifecycles will be examined.

The first session of the series, titled Road to Reliability: High Voltage, is scheduled for June 6, 10:30 a.m. CDT. It will feature Dr. Helmut Schweigart of Zestron, Michael Schleicher of Danfoss-Semikron, and Bob Neves of Microtek Laboratories as they address essential topics related to high-voltage systems, such as Testing, Corrosion, and Failure Modes.

“As high voltages introduce unique challenges, there is an increased possibility of system failures,” said O’Leary. “This informative session, and future ones, will help the audience to better understand technology gaps, broaden professional connections, and uncover strategies for meeting reliability objectives.”

To learn more about this webinar series, or to register for the first session, visit

O’Leary is responsible for promoting Indium Corporation’s full range of products and services for e-Mobility, which includes electric cars, trucks, eVTOLs, charging stations, and battery energy storage systems. He joined Indium Corporation in 2014 and has more than 20 years of experience in the electronics industry. He authored two books on electronics manufacturing and currently serves as the chair of the IPC e-Mobility Quality & Reliability Advisory Council. In addition to regular technical conference participation, O’Leary co-hosts a free monthly webcast—EV InSIDER Live—with Loren McDonald of EVAdoption and a high-profile industry stakeholder as a guest. In the webcast, they discuss current pressing issues and hot topics in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape.

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