Indium Corporation Features Metal Thermal Interface Materials and Flux-Cored Wire at IPC APEX Expo

Indium Corporation® will feature its compressible metal thermal interface materials (TIMs) and award-winning flux-cored wire at  IPC APEX Expo, Jan. 24-26, San Diego, Calif., U.S.

Indium Corporation’s wide portfolio of proven products provides solutions to the emerging industry challenges of today and tomorrow.

Indium Corporation’s Heat-Spring®, a soft metal alloy (SMA) thermal interface material (TIM), reduces thermal resistance and enhances cooling by utilizing two key properties of indium metal—superior thermal conductivity and malleability. As added benefits, indium metal will not dissolve in immersion fluids and is considered an environmentally-friendly TIM because it can be re-used, reclaimed, and re-formed.

Indium Corporation’s patented SMA-TIMs made of indium and other alloys offer uniform thermal resistance at lower applied stresses in compressed interfaces. The malleability of indium minimizes surface resistance and increases heat flow (conductance). SMA-TIMs can easily be placed by hand or with tape & reel and automation.

Unlike standard thermal interface materials, Heat-Spring® offers an extremely long service life as it does not pump-out under power cycling, nor does it bake-out over time. This combination of high conductance, a multi-patterned surface area to optimize contact with non-planar surfaces, and low degradation over time produces a superior thermal interface and assures optimized long-term device performance in compressed interfaces.  Pattern options depend on applications such as immersion cooling, TIM1 to bare die, TIM2 for lidded CPU, or GPU applications. Indium Corporation also offers special cladded diffusion barrier TIMs just for burn-in and class testing.

Indium Corporation’s CW-818 flux-cored wire is designed to meet the demanding requirements of today’s manual and robotic soldering processes. CW-818 provides fast wetting speeds, allowing users to minimize cycle times. The spatter control technology minimizes flux spattering while the heat-resistant nature of the formula reduces flux build-up on the soldering iron tip as well as leaves a clear, non-tacky residue post-soldering (even when using a high iron tip temperature). The combination of superior soldering performance, improved overall cleanliness, and excellent visual appearance post-soldering delivers a truly no-clean flux-cored wire.

Indium Corporation’s extensive manufacturing process control ensures that CW-818 cored wire provides precisely the right amount of solder while minimizing process setup challenges and maximizing yields. CW-818 is void-free, and with consistent diameter and layer winding, prevents stoppages due to lack of flux or kinks when drawn into a robotic soldering machine. The result is an extremely reliable and strong solder joint.

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