Indium Corporation Expands Fine Wire Capabilities

Indium Corporation has expanded its manufacturing capabilities to include a fine diameter 0.004” (0.10mm) flux-cored wire made with select Pb-free alloys to help customers meet the progressively demanding requirements of fine-pitch applications.

This new offering is designed to provide a fine wire solution to customers dealing with increased solder joint density and miniaturization in applications where solder paste reflow and other soldering approaches are not effective, such as robotic soldering for fine-pitch attachment of small components to medical devices or fine-pitch PCB assemblies. Hand soldering and rework with this new fine diameter wire may be possible for very skilled operators.

Fluxes recommended for this new fine diameter are Indium Corporation’s Core 230-RC, an award-winning low spatter wire that exhibits excellent performance in robotic soldering applications, and CW-807, a flux-cored wire formulated for general purpose electronics soldering with a clear residue.

The fine diameter wire is available in the following alloys*:

  • SAC305
  • SAC387
  • Sn96.5Ag3.5
  • Sn96.3Ag3.7
  • Sn96Ag4


*Other Pb-free alloy options can be discussed.


For more information, visit or contact Robert McKerrow, senior product specialist – flux-cored wire, wave solder flux, and bar solder, at


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