Incap India wins the STPI Karnataka IT Exports Award

Incap Contract Manufacturing Services Pvt Ltd is proud to share having received the IT Exports Award for the year 2022–2023. This esteemed recognition comes from the STPI (Software Technology Parks of India) in Karnataka. Incap was chosen as the winner in the “Best Performer – Electronic Hardware Exports – Bengaluru (Exports up to INR 2000 crores)” category.

Murthy Munipalli, Managing Director of Incap India, expressed his gratitude for the success, acknowledging the dedication and expertise of the Incap India teams as the driving force behind their achievements. He stated, “Their commitment has truly been the driving force behind our success, showcasing not only their expertise but also their unwavering dedication to our shared goals.” Mr. Munipalli also extended appreciation to Incap’s clients, expressing gratitude for the trust placed in the company. He remarked, “We are grateful for the trust our clients place in us. Their confidence in our capabilities propels us forward and motivates us to continuously strive for excellence.”

This is the 6th time for Incap to receive the prestigious STPI IT Exports Award. Mr Munipalli stated that Incap is proud to work in Karnataka, which is the heart of the electronics and IT sector in India while forming almost half of the country’s performance in this field.

Incap India factory is located in Tumkur, near Bangalore. To meet the growing demand, Incap has been increasing the production capacity in India and opened a third factory in India in 2023. The three factories at Incap India have 26,500 square meters of total floor space. The factory produces inverters and UPS, battery chargers, PCBs for fuel and cash dispensers, power supply units, rescue devices, solar inverters, drives and medical devices as well as devices for other electronic industrial products. The machinery is suitable for common component technologies, and together with the great location and skilled personnel, Incap can provide high-quality manufacturing services to meet the most demanding customer needs.

Incap India has been a member of STPI since 2007. All STPI Member Units from the State of Karnataka have contributed to the tune of 41% to the total IT/Electronic Hardware Exports under STPI from the country.

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