in4ma add Hungary to List of Association Partners

in4ma is pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with Hungary’s electronics association, MELT, Magyarországi Elektronikai Társasag

For the last eight years Weiss Engineering has been working under the brand in4ma (information for manufacturers) on  primary research of the European EMS industry. Three years ago, IPC took notice of the in4ma work and decided to cooperate and support this work after having thoroughly checked the systematics and accuracy of the in4ma market statistics.

The aim of  in4ma’s work is to help the EMS industry to better understand the market and to have all necessary metrics to make the right decisions for their business. In addition, in4ma and IPC perform an annual survey of the European EMS industry and collect important data directly from the manufacturers. This results in a qualified report: 69 pages, 256 EMS participated in Jan 23, 30% of European EMS revenues no company names no individual company numbers. This report is available free of charge to all participation companies and is used by them as a benchmark to compare their own numbers with the market average. For non-participating companies the report is available for 690,-Euro.

To get broader distribution of the in4ma data, the founder Dieter Weiss, started to cooperate with local European Electronics Associations as well. These alliances focus on supporting those country associations with presentations at their member meetings and supplying them with the bimonthly EMS-Telegram, which the local associations are allowed to distribute to their members. in4ma has country alliances with:

  • Estonia: EEIA, Eesti Elektroonika Tööstuse Liit
  • Switzerland: IG Exact, Network of Excellence in Applied Electronics and Technologies
  • Moldavia: ACEM, Asociatia Companiilor Din Industria Electronica Din Moldova
  • Netherlands/Belgium: FHI, Federatie van Technologiebranches, EMS Cluster
  • Sweden: Svensk Elektronik, Branschorganisationen Svensk Elektronik
  • Technical Press:
  • Hungary: MELT, Magyarországi Elektronikai Társasag

For further information please contact: Dieter G. Weiss,

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