In Stock at TTI – Bourns TBU® High-Speed Protector Responds in Less Than 1µs

Fort Worth, Texas  – Bourns® Transient Blocking Units (TBU) high-speed protectors are circuit protection devices constructed using MOSFET semiconductor technology. When placed in a series in the system, the TBU® protector monitors the current flowing through the line. If the current exceeds a preset level, the TBU® device triggers, providing an effective barrier to large, destructive voltages or currents during surge events, thereby protecting sensitive electronics.

The TBU® device operates in approximately 1μs – once the line current exceeds the TBU® device’s trigger current ITRIGGER. When operated, the TBU® device restricts line current to less than 1mA typically, and blocks voltages including the surge up to rated limits. After the surge, the TBU® automatically resets itself when the voltage across the TBU® device falls to the reset voltage or below.

With extremely low let-through energy, the TBU® can block voltages up to 850V and does not add capacitance to the signal line. Available in a dual or single configuration, uni- and bi-directional, and in very low profile DFN packages.

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