ICYMI – Interviews with EMS Executives

ICYMI – Interviews with EMS Executives

EMSNOW is dedicated to elevating the remarkable companies that make up the electronics manufacturing services industry. For the past 20 years, this publication has covered the industry’s evolution from hand-stuffing boards in backyard garages to the state of the art global facilities that we explore and research today.

These companies turn world-changing technology designs into functioning electronic hardware. The executives who lead these organizations must navigate between rocky shoals: profitable growth, a productive, stable workforce, expanding capabilities, and differentiating their companies in a crowded global playing field. It’s not easy and there are many successful strategies, but some common themes and challenges.

EMSNOW interviews these executives and we post the recorded videos as features.

Here are recordings of interviews of EMS executives conducted this past year, archived in one place for your viewing pleasure.


Intervala President & CEO Teresa Huber on EMS@C-Level with Philip Stoten

Up Close with Anthony Montalbano, CEO, Cyient DLM

Jeffrey Schlarbaum, CEO Spartronics – Up Close

Industry Mourns Passing of Don Charron, Former CEO of Kimball Electronics

Up Close with Klaus Schuster, SG Automotive

Supply Chain Update on The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) with Benchmark’s Michael Lucia and TTI’s Jeff Ray

Brant Littrell, S and Y Industries Up Close on Supply Chain Solutions

Asia Pacific Update on The EMS (Eric Miscoll Show) with IMI and Spartronics

Benchmark Chief Revenue Officer Rob Crawford on EMS@C-Level

Orbit One President & CEO Mattias Lindhe is on EMS@C-Level

KATEK CEO Rainer Koppitz at their Festival of Electronics in Munich, Germany

Member of the Executive Board at Zollner, Markus Aschenbrenner at KATEK’s Festival of Electronics

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