Huawei order visibility for 5G chips, IC backend services to extend to year-end 2019, say makers

Taiwan’s chips and IC backend service suppliers have felt a sense of relief after the US government softened its stance against Huawei, and expect their order visibility from Huawei, particularly for 5G base station chips and logic IC backend services, to extend to the end of the year, according to industry sources.

Driver IC supply chain makers, citing sources from Huawei, also indicated that the Chinese vendor is currently in the process of reviewing the levels of its IC inventories and will determine its move in the next two weeks.

Huawei hopes to get things back to normal as soon as possible after its product roadmaps for 5G and handset products were affected by the US ban, said the makers, citing the company sources.

In fact, Huawei did not adjust much downward its demand for backend services for 5G base station chips as the installation of 5G base stations continues in China, said the industry sources.

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