High-Voltage Power Drives Next-Generation Semiconductors

Global chip shortages together with the growing trends of electrification and digitalization have heightened awareness of the world’s reliance on semiconductors. A recent report by global management consultancy McKinsey & Company1 points to the increasing pace of digital transformation, predicting a decade of growth leading to a $1 trillion semiconductor industry by 2030.


Semiconductor Market Growth to 2030

McKinsey chart

Source: McKinsey & Company


The semiconductors being developed to address future demand will be more powerful, more sophisticated and integrate more functionality than ever before. While debate continues about how long Moore’s Law can strictly be applied, it has served the industry well for almost 60 years and has continued relevance as designers drive the capabilities of their chips to ever-new heights. Turning designs into reality requires transformative fabrication processes with hundreds of sequential steps that are expected to deliver high yields with maximum productivity and minimum downtime, even as complexity and power demands rise.

Precisely controlled, reliable high-voltage power plays a critical role in meeting these expectations.


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