High-Temp AEC-Q Solid Aluminum Polymer Caps from KEMET in Stock at TTI

Fort Worth, Texas – TTI, Inc., a leading specialty distributor of electronic components, has stock for immediate shipment of KEMET’s A768 Series Surface Mount Solid Polymer Aluminum Capacitors.

The A768 Series offers longer life and greater stability across a wide range of temperatures. They are available in voltages from 16VDC up to 80VDC and are rated from −55°C to +125°C. Capacitance of the A768 Series ranges from 18µF to 1,000µF. They are rated for 2,000 hours. KEMET’s highly conductive solid polymer electrolyte eliminates the risk of drying out and they can withstand higher ripple currents due to their low ESR properties. This series is AEC-Q200 qualified for voltages up to 63V (80V on request) and is ideally suited for automotive and industrial applications. An anti-vibration version is available in 10mm diameter versions. Height of the A768 Series ranges from 5.7mm up to 12.4mm with diameter ranging from 6.3mm up to 10mm.

For more information, visit KEMET AEC-Q A768 Series Polymer Aluminum Caps at TTI.

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