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High Elongation, Two Component Epoxy System with Excellent Thermal Shock Resistance

Master Bond EP110F8-3 is a two part epoxy system ideal for sealing, encapsulating, potting, and casting applications. “This toughened system provides very good flexibility and possesses a relatively high elongation of 120-150%”, says Rohit Ramnath, Senior Product Engineer. “It offers a low tensile modulus of around 5,000-15,000 psi and a shore A hardness of 40-50 at room temperature.”

EP110F8-3 features excellent thermal cycling and shock resistance, passing 10 cycles from -55°C to +125°C with no signs of cracking. It has a superior electrical insulation profile with a low dielectric constant of 2.67 as well as a low dissipation factor of 0.006, both measured at 75°F for 1 KHz.

EP110F8-3 has a convenient mix ratio of one to two by weight; the color of Part A is clear while the color of Part B is amber. It has a low mixed viscosity of 1,000-2,000 cps and flows readily. Working life for a 100 gram batch is 2-3 days at room temperature and can be cured within a few hours at 250-300°F.

Master Bond EP110F8-3 is a two part heat curing epoxy system for potting, sealing, encapsulation and casting applications, with unsurpassed electrical insulation and thermal cycling capabilities. Read more about Master Bond’s electrically insulative epoxy adhesives at https://www.masterbond.com/properties/electrically-insulative-adhesive-systems or contact Tech Support. Phone: +1-201-343-8983 Fax: +1-201-343-2132 Email: technical@masterbond.com.