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Industry professionals to meet at IPC SummerCom to develop internationally recognized standards

Hundreds of experts from around the world will discuss electronics manufacturing standards in more than 80 meetings May 13–18 at IPC SummerCom in Milwaukee.

Facilitated by representatives from OEMs, PCB manufacturers, EMS providers, design firms, and other organizations, IPC standards development committees establish benchmarks for excellence in electronics manufacturing.

According to David Bergman, IPC vice president of standards and technology, IPC has more than 300+ active multilingual standards that cover nearly every stage of the electronics development product cycle.

“IPC SummerCom is all about IPC standards, and through standards development committee meetings, everyone in the industry can engage in an exchange of ideas about current industry trends as well as the identification of new standards and updates to current ones,” said Bergman. “Used by companies of all sizes in more than 90 countries by all manufacturing sectors, IPC standards help the electronics manufacturing industry build electronics better.”

Standards development committee meetings will cover industry benchmarks in assembly and joining; assembly equipment, base materials; cleaning and coating; electronic documentation technology; electronic product data description; embedded devices; environment, health and safety; fabrication processes; flexible and rigid-flex printed boards; high speed/high frequency interconnection; management; packaged electronic components; printed board design technology, printed electronics; process control; product assurance; product reliability; rigid printed boards; terms and definitions; testing; and wearable electronics/e-textiles.

In addition to standards meetings, IPC will celebrate the accomplishments of  “IPC A-Teams” at the Golden Gnomes Award Ceremony on May 16. The awards, inspired by IPC’s fictional TechNet gnomes Clumpy and Kloumpios, recognize the outstanding and creative work of IPC A-Teams. IPC A-Teams are dedicated groups of volunteers within IPC working groups who take on a significant amount of work on behalf of their groups.

This year, IPC SummerCom will be co-located with the Electrical Wire Processing Technology Expo (EWPTE) at the Wisconsin Center. IPC SummerCom registration gives participants free access to EWPTE. For more information on standards development activities at IPC SummerCom or to register, visit For more information on all IPC standards development activities, visit

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