Hanza Updates Investors at HANZA 2025

New strategy launched, focusing on increasing capacity and services for our customers.

European EMS company HANZA develops its operations in steps, with clear milestones. The strategy “HANZA 2022” is already achieved, which is why HANZA now launched the strategy for the coming three years, “HANZA 2025”.
CEO, Erik Stenfors talks more about HANZA 2025:
– Our mission is to increase the competitiveness of our customers. We see good sales thanks to the benefits we create. At the same time, we have a challenging global material situation that creates challenges in our production.

To address all this, we have decided to focus on quickly launching significant new expansion/investment packages within our existing manufacturing clusters.
We also see how our advisory services and our R&D department creates customer value. We will therefore also strengthen this part of our offering.

Some key takeaways from HANZA 2025. 
– There is a continued structural trend towards regional manufacturing, back sourcing, i.e., manufacturing closer to the end customer.

– HANZA will meet further growth by forceful development of the Group’s existing manufacturing clusters. Further acquisitions may be possible, but then aimed to increase capacity in existing clusters.

– By offering complementing manufacturing services, the customer’s competitiveness can increase, therefore HANZA will further enhance the Group’s product development and advisory services.

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