Hanwha Launches High-Speed Solution at Customer Event

CYPRESS, CALIFORNIA – February 2018 – Hanwha Techwin today announced its recent NPI event where the company introduced a high-speed solution of printer + pick-n-place for high efficiency processing of 1200 mm LED boards.

At Hanwha’s Center of Excellence in Cypress, Calif., Hanwha launched the world’s first dual-rail printer and dual-rail pick-and-place solution for processing 1200 mm LED boards in under 30 seconds per panel. Printer and pick-and-place systems are directly connected, eliminating the need for costly shuttle conveyors that waste valuable production floor space.

“I personally think the COE puts Hanwha ahead of the competition,” commented Hanwha Customer Rocky Turnbaugh, VP Operations Manager, Electronic Manufacturing Services Group Inc. “As a customer, to have this facility to go to with ideas, problems and to buy new equipment is amazing.”

Hanwha offered a hands-on demonstration and discussion of key features, production benefits, and competitive advantages. Also, presentations covered the importance and value of Hanwha’s continuous improvement processes (VOC & TD2WIN).

For more information about Hanwha Techwin, visit www.hanwhaprecisionmachinery.com.