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Global Virtual Roundtable Invitation: Manufacturing Education in U.K.

Manufacturing is crucial to the UK economy, providing some £191 billion of output as well as 2.7 million jobs up and down the country. With Britain looking to secure its economic wellbeing post-Covid, the manufacturing sector will play a vital role. But the industry is facing a skills gap like never before, with 186,000 skilled individuals required every year until 2024 if the country is to make headway in closing it.

Despite a desperate need for individuals who can propel British manufacturing forward as one of the world’s leading industries, there is little in the National Curriculum to prepare young people for opportunities in the sector. While a lack of awareness among Britain’s youths of manufacturing as a potential and viable career will only exacerbate the need for talent.

Placing manufacturing-centric skills at the heart of the National Curriculum has never been more important. On June 8 join our panel of experts as they explore how education can inspire future generations to not only choose, but relish a career in Britain’s manufacturing sector.

How can we hardwire manufacturing skills into the heart of the national curriculum?

Virtual roundtable

Tuesday June 8, 2021

11.00AM – 12.00PM

Registration Link:


(Chair) Camilla Turner, Education Editor, The Daily Telegraph

Sir Vince Cable, former leader, Liberal Democrats  

David Millar, Managing Director, Heap & Partners  

Associate Professor Nadia Kourra, academic lead for NMITE’s Centre for Automated Manufacturing

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