Future of Internet of Things (IoT) in India

SOURCE: The Times of India

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of connected physical objects embedded with electronics, sensors, and software. These connected objects (also called nodes) exchange data over the internet. There will be 22 billion connected devices in the world by 2025. IoT technology can be used in sectors like Manufacturing, Agriculture, Healthcare, Transportation, Media/Advertising, Retail, Water and Waste Management, Power Distribution, etc. IoT is used in various applications like smart home, smart parking, smart water level monitoring, smart healthcare, smart traffic lighting, smart waste management, smart solar panels, etc. It is essential for achieving high productivity, efficiency, a safe working environment, and low carbon emissions in the industry and other contexts. Healthcare and manufacturing are the sectors where several startups are working extensively on smart solutions.

The Indian government started the 100 smart cities mission in 2016, which will get completed in 2024. State governments have used around Rs 2 lakh crore in smart cities projects and Rs 4.5 lakh crore is in the pipeline. There are numerous IoT applications in smart cities. Traffic management, energy harvesting by using solar panels on buildings and LED streetlights, saving water using a smart meter, etc, are a few of the smart technologies used in IoT.
For IoT implementation, data analytics, cloud computing and network security are the key enabling technologies. Several companies offer cloud services in India, reducing the cost of smart solutions for smart cities. Furthermore, data security is a very challenging task in IoT.

IoT use increases with 5G network deployment in our country. With 5G connectivity, IoT solutions will be crucial for home automation, security, and several other industrial issues. Thousands of jobs related to IoT are arising every day. The government of India is planning 5G deployment in some cities by the end of 2022. 5G network is already deployed in many countries like China, Korea, Japan, and America.

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