Future Electronics Launches New Online Bill of Materials Tool

Montreal, Canada – Future Electronics is a global leading distributor of electronic components with worldwide headquarters in Montreal. The company is pleased to announce their new online Bill of Materials tool for a more intuitive customer experience.

Future Electronics worked closely with many stakeholders over several months of dedication and effort to launch this new feature that comes fully-equipped to be a complete and centralized source of information for the whole manufacturing process from design to production.

A precise and accurate BOM is essential in the world of electronic components distribution. Future Electronics’ BOM tool features its comprehensive global inventory network of raw components, assembly information, quantities and additional essential information needed to build and complete a fully-shippable product. Customers can import or export their lists and add products in many ways, in addition to saving their lists on their online account profile for easy access.

To access the Future Electronics online Bill of Materials tool or create your account, please visit: www.FutureElectronics.com/BOM.

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