Future Electronics Awarded “Best Performing Distributor in APAC” by Abracon for Its Performance Growth and Technical Support

Future Electronics, a global leading distributor of electronic components, was recently awarded “Best Performing Distributor in APAC” by Abracon, a well-known supplier of passive components, for its excellent technical support and performance growth capabilities.

This honor is a double recognition of Future Electronics’ outstanding execution and performance growth capabilities.

“From the perspective of comprehensive capabilities such as marketing drive and design support, Future Electronics deserves this award. In 2022, the support from the Future Electronics team has brought double-digit performance growth for our business cooperation, and laid the foundation for Demand Creation and Design-In. There is no doubt that the market will be more challenging in 2023. We value our good partnership and look forward to both parties reaching further success,” said Arthur Wong, General Manager at Abracon Asia Pacific.

As an authorized distributor with end-to-end engineering support capabilities, Future Electronics has comprehensive advantages in system-level solutions, innovative design-in, and the penetration of target markets.

“The honor is the result of the joint efforts of both parties. Future Electronics’ engineering, marketing and sales teams can quickly realize the design-in of new technologies and accelerate time-to-market through in-depth cooperation with customers, thereby gaining competitive advantages. I believe that through the efforts of both parties, we can continue to penetrate Abracon’s excellent products into the target market segments and provide customers with innovative designs and reliable supply chain services,” said Charles Tan, Managing Director at Future Electronics China.

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