From Global to Regional Manufacturing, in conversation with GPV CEO Bo Lybæk

Is the era of globalization in manufacturing coming to an end? In this episode, we sit down with Bo Lybæk, President & CEO of GPV to uncover the shift from global to regional manufacturing. We unpack the driving forces behind this change, from ESG sustainability efforts to the geopolitical tensions between the US and China. Bo provides insights into the ripple effects on the supply chain, logistics, and customer demands, explaining why American companies are increasingly eyeing Mexico as a manufacturing hub.

We also discuss the post-pandemic order rebalancing, noting trends in sectors like building technology and the semiconductor industry, and how evolving inventory management practices are reshaping sales performance and cash flow. We also explore GPVs expanding in Sri Lanka, Mexico and Slovakia and break down the strategic factors influencing these decisions, including trade, tariffs, inflation, and freight costs. We explore China’s changing role from a manufacturing giant to a significant market and consider India’s potential future impact. Bo highlights the critical need for attracting and training young talent to sustain the industry’s growth and innovation in both engineering and operator positions. Finally Bo shares some inspiring ESG initiatives from Denmark, Sri Lanka, and Mexico that are making a real difference in local communities.

Tune in to understand how maintaining an orderly approach to business and operations as well as open communication is driving growth and meeting evolving customer needs.

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