Foxconn Research showcases electric vehicles

SOURCE: DigiTimes

The Hon Hai Research Institute (HHRI)’s goal is to do foresight research 3 to 7 years ahead that comply with the group’s 3+3 strategy. They will announce their progress at the NExT Forums held on March 3, June 6, September 9, and December 12 of each year. The 2022 Tech Day was the first time the entire HHRI came together to announce their results together, with an emphasis on electric vehicle research.

Currently, the HHRI consists of research centers for semiconductors, AI, information security, quantum computing, and next-generation communications, as well as the Trapped Ion Quantum Computing Lab.

Information Security Research Center

According to HHRI CEO Wei-Bin Lee, the EVπ platform revealed by the Information Security Research Center is very effective in lowering the entry barrier into the EV sector for information security.

In addition to being an open autopilot system information security testing platform, it’s also a lightweight electric vehicle with a flexible module design and open software/hardware. The EVπ is based on the MIH structure. Therefore, it covers everything from the standard car grade CAN Bus, to V2X communications, Telematics BOX, RSU, computer visuals, and applications.


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