Filipino Trainees in the UK Volunteer to Help Build Ventilators

Hook, United Kingdom. Cebu-based component engineer Franz Corro and machine specialists Miraluna Toloreso and Rowena Lanojan are on-the-job trainees in the UK but instead of resting on weekends they volunteer to help build ventilators.

Corro, Toloreso and Lanojan were among the 14 employees chosen by Surface Technology International, Ltd. (STI, Ltd.) Cebu to train at their headquarters in Hook, UK. 

STI, Ltd. is a UK-based subsidiary of Integrated Micro-Electronics, Inc., (IMI) that specializes in providing electronics design and manufacturing solutions to high-reliability industries, such as defense, aerospace, and energy, among others. IMI is the manufacturing portfolio of AC Industrials, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ayala Corporation and is a leading global technology & manufacturing solutions expert. 

For several years now, IMI and STI, Ltd. have been implementing employee exchange programs to upskill their workforce. Both companies recognize the importance of giving their employees a global experience and perspective.  

According to Nick Davey, IMI’s chief technology officer, the constant training opportunities provided by IMI and STI, Ltd. have been instrumental in preparing the workforce for emergency situations like the surge in demand for ventilators.   

STI, Ltd. has been ramping up their ventilator production over the last nine weeks. On weekends, the Filipino trainees help in the production of ventilators for the UK. They play key roles in the final stages of ventilator production by meticulously assembling and inspecting the parts of each unit before they are dispatched for testing and sent to the quality control facility. 

“We have a very strong training program here at STI, Ltd.,” Davey said. “Even if they are just on training, they have the capability and skillsets that enable them to support us in this project.” Here everybody really wants to get involved. We’re really motivated to beat this pandemic and truly appreciate the extended efforts of our Filipino trainees. It’s pure dedication. It’s immense quality. It’s commitment. Filipinos just deliver— to the highest level of quality,” he said.

STI Ltd. was among the companies who immediately responded to the UK government’s call for help in building ventilators and is a key member of the #VentilatorChallengeUK consortium, challenged to deliver medical ventilators to the country’s National Health System.

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