Fictiv Publishes 2022 State of Manufacturing Report

The world is forever changed.The past two years have been exceptional in many ways, but workplaces and businesses have adapted and moved forward. The rise of remote work isn’t receding, and the need to invest in more resilient supply chains is greater than ever. And even as constraints have loosened, leaders know that other supply chain disruptions will arise in the future. Despite the challenges, there’s a world of opportunity.
To get ahead and stay ahead, companies are fortifying the foundations of their businesses. They’re focusing on fundamentals like improving transparency of production and procurement and being more responsive to customer wants and needs. Leaders are bullish on outsourcing, but they know that the supply chain doesn’t stop at their company’s front door. They’re looking for ways to improve operational efficiency, collaboration, and productivity while mitigating information security risks — and they’re leveraging the power of technology to do it.
This State of Manufacturing Report seeks to illustrate these trends and provide insights that will help your business thrive in the world of today and tomorrow.

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