EY and SheWorks! join forces to attract more women to the workforce by offering flexible job opportunities worldwide

EY announced a new collaboration with SheWorks!, the cloud-based technology platform that provides women access to remote and flexible job opportunities around the world. This commitment, officially announced at the Labor Inclusion session during the Women20 (W20) Argentina meeting in New York City in June, will support and accelerate the SheWorks! platform in order to maximize employment opportunities for women through the gig economy. The initiative has the ambitious objective of leveraging this technology to create 100,000 job opportunities for women by 2020.

Julie Teigland, EY Regional Managing Partner—Germany, Switzerland and Austria and EY Global Leader-elect, Women. Fast forward said:

“Leveraging the power of digital to attract more women to the global workforce is a key objective for EY as we strive for inclusive growth not only in the business but for society as a whole. Every year, millions of professional women leave the workforce because they cannot find the flexibility they need to balance work and life. We’re excited to start this collaboration as we believe that SheWorks! is doing something exceptional in working to ensure that women and girls can increasingly benefit from the use of innovative technologies to join the workforce and they can play a role into the economic development.”

Silvina Moschini, CEO and Founder, SheWorks! said:

“At SheWorks! we connect the dots between online education, global employment opportunities and remote workforce management to enable women from around the planet to work in a way that works for them. EY’s leadership in innovation, global scale and commitment to women economic empowerment will be instrumental for us to build the one of the largest professional network of female talent in the world and disrupt how the work is done. I know that by collaborating with EY we will build a future of work with inclusion and impact in mind.”

Through its Women. Fast forward program, which is focused on advancing gender equality in the workforce and economy, EY will collaborate with SheWorks! to increase the reach of the platform and boost its expansion and development globally. By joining forces, EY and SheWorks! also aim to raise awareness about the role cloud computing and digital will play when it comes to maximizing employment opportunities for women in the future.

Launched in 2017, SheWorks! allows individuals and companies to hire, monitor, manage, collaborate, rate and pay their remote contractors transparently by using cloud technology, computer learning and data analytics in 75 countries. In addition, this integrated platform provides training tools for women to further improve their skills, and gain certification in specific areas.

Teigland says: “Today, the opportunities to work outside the confines of traditional office spaces and hours are enormous. This is even more enhanced by the ability to learn and develop, leveraging on demand digital technologies to gain skills and credentials in a wide variety of fields. SheWorks! is an outstanding example of how new technologies can be applied in a smart way to make jobs accessible to women who otherwise would be excluded from the workforce.”

EY embraces the gig economy

The collaboration with SheWorks! fits into the broader EY talent objective of tapping into the gig economy as people seek more flexibility or short-term assignments. In 2017, EY developed GigNow, an advanced technology platform that sources and matches qualified contractors with projects at EY and onboards them quickly so they can begin making valuable contributions right away. GigNow is currently live in eight countries, with a network of more than 14,000 people. EY has filled more than 1,500 positions to-date with GigNow.

Last year EY also introduced EY Badges, a program that is enabling EY people to invest in their own careers by earning digital credentials in skills that differentiate them in the market, skills related to emerging technology, innovation and sector-specific skills. Today, more than 2,000 EY people have earned badges, which will equip them with the necessary skills to solve complex problems, lead high performing teams and stay relevant in today’s rapidly changing world.